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Statement I met Dr Mubarak last week and was so impressed with her kindness, I have been suffering pain for over 20 years from failed back surgery. I now have hope that some of my pain can be alleviated. This is the best news I have had for my health in such a long time. Thank you so much. Lindy flutter
LF - Pain Clinic 20/08/2018
I returned to the Winfield yesterday for my second injection. Think there was a staff shortage as seem very disorganised but overall they did there best. Dr Mona Mubarak was yet again wonderful with my treatment, caring, friendly and a very nice consultant who is marvellous at her job. Regards Teresa Jones
Teresa Jones
I arrived at Winfield hosp this morning, i have never felt more welcomed in a hospital before. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. Before and after care was fantastic. Dr Mona Mubarak was amazing through all, pinpointed every spot of pain . Thank you all.
Teresa Jones
Further to our meeting Yesterday, I am writing to thank you for the treatment I have received at your hands. Having suffered from entrapped nerve pain to eight years it is wonderful to be pain free when in bed and to not wake up every hour or to during the night.
I was in today as a day patient & I wanted to leave a review as the treatment I received was amazing everyone from the reception to the lady who brought my drinks the nursing staff & Dr Mubarak& and her team... everyone was so caring & kind & did ease my nerves so thank u to you all at the Winfield Locations.
I have had 2 sets of steroid injections in my lower back and coccyx with Dr Mubarak she is amazing, the level of care is outstanding, the procedure was fast and explained throughout. I am 2 weeks on and virtually pain free, it’s life changing for me. Can’t thank Dr Mubarak enough.
I had three steroid injections from Dr Mubarak and her care was outstanding. I was originally referred as an NHS patient after 13 months of being turned away with no “obvious diagnosis”. However, Dr Mubarak diagnosed me within minutes of discussing my condition and she made an appointment the following day for my treatment.
I had a steroid injection in to my neck done by Dr Mubarak. She made me feel totally relaxed talking me through the whole procedure as it was quite difficult trying to guide a needle so close to my spine. I was amazed how quick and pain free the process was.

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